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About us

The Department of electronics was started in the year of 1995- 1996 in Government Arts College for women, Ramanathapuram by state Government of tamilnadu.This is the first time BSc. electronics course introduced in Government arts and science colleges in tamilnadu. This course was affiliated to Maduraikamaraj University at the time of started. The university grants the permission to intake the student is 40 at the time of the course was started. After seven years completed, this college was affiliated under alagappa university, Karaikudi in the year of 2003.

The department of electronics conducts’ only under graduate programme (BSc., Electronics), In this BSc., electronics course, we teaching basic topics related to the fundamentals of electronics and semiconductor devices. Since electronics close to technological advancements. This practical course is intended to achieve the basic skills for circuit bulding and testing. At the second stage of the under graduation analog and digital circuits concepts will be introduced. At the third stage of the undergarduation microprocessor and microcontroller /fiber optics communication/communication network will be introduced. The students are exposed to the practical aspects of the subjects through laboratory work.

Objective of the Department
1.To provide in-depth knowdge of scientific and technological aspects of electronics.
2.To give knowledge with current and recent technological development in electronics.
3.To help students buildup a progressive and successful carrier in electronics.
4.To train students in skills related to electronics industry and market.

The department of electronics situated in ground floor at west block building of the college. Electronics Laboratory constructed by 3600 sqf.The department having three lecture Halls.

The Department is well equipped with modern with excellent infrastructure facilities.
The Laboratory’s conducted in the department are
1.Basic Electronics Lab
2.Electronics devices Lab
3.Digital Electronics lab
4.Linear integrated circuits and its application Lab
5.Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab

Electronics Laboratory
To provide hands on experiment to the students to strengthen their fundamentals in electronics, the lab is well equipped with all basic electronic equipment’s like Oscilloscopes, audio signal generator, function generator, power supplies etc. Electronics Lab provides basic knowledge about the electronics devices like diode, transistor and thyristor families for application in circuits and devices. In circuit’s lab, the basic circuits for amplifier and oscillators are designed and tested.
Basic Electronics Lab
All basic Electronic devices and their characteristics, applications can be studied. Using these devices the small electronic circuits can be constructed and can be checked.
Digital Electronics Lab
The lab is fully equipped with various Digital ICs, components and equipments with latest Model Oscilloscopes, Analog and Digital IC Tester, Function Generators, Analog and Digital and LIC Kits etc. These digital IC kits are used to study the logic gates, flip flops and counters. All digital I.C related experiments can be carried out using trainer kits.
Electronics devices Lab
All basic Electronic devices and their characteristics, applications can be studied. Using these devices the small electronic circuits can be constructed and can be checked.
Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab
This lab has various types of microprocessor, micro controller trainer kits along with interfacing modules to demonstrate the detailed applications of microprocessors. The purpose of this laboratory is to train the students to be familiar with the software and hardware of microprocessors so that they can gain enough experiences to meet the demand of the microprocessor era. The laboratory is mainly equipped sets of 8085 kits, 8086 kits, 8051 Microcontroller and their peripherals. In each set, a parallel I/O board, serial I/O board is present in order to teach students how to integrate various hardware such as stepper motor, D/A converter, A/D converter, Traffic light controller with microprocessors.

Major Equipments Available in the Laboratory
Trainer kits,CRO,Function generator,D.C Power supply, Dual Power supply, DRB, DCB, DIB, Digital IC Trainer kits,Processor and Controllers kits, Interfacing Kits,Digital signal oscilloscope.
Also the electronics lab having twenty computers with internet connection and two 5kva UPS to supply uninterrupted power supply to the lab.

Permanent Faculty Members

Mr.G.Rajesh Kanna, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,PGDCA.,M.Sc IT.,
Assistant Professor & HOD
Email :
Phone No : 9487412642
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Temporary Faculty Members

Mrs. X.FEMILA MARY M.Sc., M.PhiL.,
Guest Lecturer
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Mrs. K.VAIJAYANTHI, M.Sc., M.Phil.,
Guest Lecturer
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Rank Holders

S.No Names Batch Register No Rank
1 ANADA PADMAVATHY M 1996-99 96743323 I
2 GAYATHRI V P 1996-99 96743326 II
3 SENTHIL KUMARI R 1996-99 96743342 III
4 DEEPA LAKSHMI S 1997-00 97113745 I
5 FEMILA MARY X 1998-01 98119105 I
6 NIRMALA DEVI M 2000-03 A0122417 I
7 MANIMEGALAI G 2001-04 A1123414 I
8 KANCHANA T S 2003-06 1503123011 I
9 AARTHY S 2004-07 1504123001 I
10 NITHYA DEVI K 2004-07 1504123014 III
11 RINOSARANI 2005-08 1505123024 I
12 SATHIYA PRIYA A 2005-08 1505123028 III
13 NAGOORKSNI R 2006-09 1506123019 I
14 NOORUL NIGAR A 2008-11 1508123010 I
15 VASANTHIMALA R 2008-11 1508123025 II
16 VIDHYA N 2008-11 1508123026 III
17 SUGANTHIDEVI D 2008-11 1508123021 IV
18 NITHYA P 2008-11 1508123009 V
19 LAKSHMI G 2009-12 1509123012 III
20 AJITHA FATHIMA A 2014-17 1514123002 I