Women empowerment in Education:

“Women are the Makers of Next Generation” We strive to create empowered women through academic and value education learning. We proceed to progress self achievement and gain excellence in all our endeavours.

We implement to promote the professional and personal growth of all students; our teaching faculty encourage them and uplift their learning skill and leadership quality.

The main focus of our college is an the students who are in dire need of socio-economic  upliftment. Immense effort is taken to inculcate integrity, civility and honesty on the path to pursue excellence.

Being first generation learner, apart  from focussing an academic creative energy and sense of curiosity are given prime importance community service through NSS camps are encouraged. A nurturing environment connects students, community and opportunity.

Moreover, our college , inspires positive change which enriches and sustain our community . Teaching, Learning and nurturing helps to mould the citizens of tomorrow.

A Learning environment is fostered to promote responsible, principled behaviour which respects the dignity of all members of the community. The college engages in a process of self and community reflection that would lead us to recognize and heighten awareness of the core values and to develop an institutional culture that holds itself accountable to those values.


  • Supporting the mission & vision of the college.
  • Focusing an student needs.
  • Create new programs & services to meet identified needs.


We recognize the expertise of all members of the college community and encourage individual contribution.


We strive to develop & pursue higher standards.

  • Promote continuous improvement
  • Anticipate needs & respond accordingly
  • Encourage creativity, innovation
  • Encourage interdepartmental collaboration


We assume & demonstrate responsibility for our actions.

  • Demonstrate fiscal & social responsibility
  • Ensure our work adds value to the college & districts
  • Establish & communicate clearly defined and articulate goals & objectives


We believe that our similarities and difference are opportunities for establishing  a common bond and strengthening the college.

  • Employ a college workforce that reflects the community we serve.
  • Seek & consider multiple points of view
  • Ensure fair and equal access for all.